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The Science and Soul of Living Well is a podcast hosted by clinical psychologist, educator, trauma-informed mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic doula, Dr. Melissa Ming Foynes. Melissa and her guests dive deeply into ways to integrate evidence-based information from psychological science and complementary and alternative medicine into our daily lives so that we can cultivate resilience and live with more meaning, purpose and alignment with our values in all life domains (e.g., relationships, parenting, career, physical, mental, and sexual health and well-being, spirituality, identity) even in the most stressful and darkest of times

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Dr. Melissa Foynes

As an experienced clinical psychologist, trauma-informed mindfulness, meditation and yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic doula, I have developed expertise in a diverse range of Eastern and Western healing modalities to offer women personalized paths to holistic growth and transformation. I believe that we all have an innate capacity for empowered and resilient living, and with the right combination of support, tools, and commitment to taking steps toward change, growth and transformation are always possible, regardless of how ingrained our thought patterns and habits may feel.

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I wanted to take the time to say thank you, let me explain: lately, it feels like all of my friends are married, have homes, and are now having families. I am not there and do not have these elements in my life yet and, these things (marriage, bridal and baby showers etc.) can feel very isolating to me and trigger resentment, envy, and despair. 

I was having a very tough time this weekend and, I knew that I could look to your library of podcast episodes and find a topic or discussion by you that might resonate and give context to what I was feeling. Something to help. I ended up listening to The Wisdom of Envy episode and it was right on the mark. 

Thank you for sharing these resources with all of us. Congratulations on your library of episodes; no small feat and, please know that so many (maybe even more than you realize) find solace in your teachings. 

Thank you! 

Since listening to the Wisdom of Envy episode, because I recognized and allowed my envy to be felt, I can name it or anticipate it already! Today I met up with a friend who is currently pregnant, I felt happy in my heart to ask her questions about her pregnancy experience in ways that felt heartfelt, happy, and aligned with our friendship. Thank you. It felt easier and it did feel that I was able to ask her genuinely about her (without making it about what I don't have). 

You are a very big gift, thank you for doing the work that you do, thank you for being generous with your knowledge and time. I am so happy that our paths crossed when they did. 

Wow. So many times I have looked to Melissa podcast and library of amazing episodes for support, insight, guidance. Melissa is a warm voice, a friendly and supportive hand on my back, a podcast that provides a hug emotionally. I have concluded each episode feeling lighter, more emotionally in-touch, freer in my body, and more compassionate in my heart and mind.

Melissa helps remember that even the toughest emotions sometimes have something to teach us. She exemplifies the idea that self-awareness & self growth, are great and radical acts of service that we can do for our selves, others who we love, and the broader collective of our world. Melissa, from my heart, thank you. This is a gem and you have so generously offered your heart, mind, spirit, and expertise in a way that I and so many appreciate. 

Melissa is a magical human with so much knowledge to share with the world. I loved having her on my show and just as much enjoyed being a guest on hers. She is a woman who brings light and love into the world and blesses those who come in contact with her. Thankful we crossed paths. 

Melissa it is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard and I listen to lots of them. Your voice is so clear, kind, informed and knowledgeable. You have such a gift of listening to your guests in a way and highlighting nuggets of information in such an approachable way. I have shared a few of the episodes with some of my clients. I have listened to the one on spirituality, the one with Jennifer (which was incredible, I enjoyed hearing your mutual love and admiration for one another through all of the knowledge shared) and the family dynamics one. Really you have such a gift! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this with us all!

Our minds are complicated, extremely complicated, and they feel even more so when we are in the midst of conflicts. This is where Dr. Foynes [and her soothing voice and calming cadence] comes in and the reason why I highly recommend her podcast. 

Dr. Foynes has this uncanny ability to breakdown the complexity of our emotions and the physiological brain drawing on qualitative and quantitative research to dissect and explain in a fresh, bite-size way that is not shadowed by years of jaded client work. Here I must clarify: when I say bite-size, that is by no way, shape, or form meant to diminish the quality of her insights or depth of each episode-they're relatively short, but pack a meaningful and impactful punch! 

What I appreciate the most about her podcast structure that is highly conducive to my personal understanding of things is that she starts off each topic by examining the physiological, explaining the psychological, and applying the practical to our every day lives -a well executed breakdown to untangle something that's so intricate. And she does it so beautifully, knowledgeably, and engagingly. I can't recommend Dr. Foynes enough!!!! 

Dr. Foynes (along with her guests beautifully waves together anecdotes from clients, her lived experiences, extensive expertise, and evidence based knowledge from science into heartfelt AND practical steps to inspire desired change. 

Every podcast episode explores the human psyche, uncovering the multifaceted nature and awesomeness of the shared human journey, thereby reinforcing that healing is not only possible but inevitable. 

The guided meditations at the end also support in reaffirming the messages or strategies of each respective topic, which is relevant and relatable especially during these times.

Thank you so much for being a conduit for imparting incredible wisdom originating from less known yet invaluable, alternative perspectives and traditions.  

My favourite podcast!! am so obsessed with this podcast! Melissa delivers such valuable information and I am so grateful that there is a show that exists from someone who is so rich in experience and able to provide actionable advice. Thank you so much for creating such a safe space for women to grow and thrive, you have no idea how much I love your episodes,

Dr. Foynes brings around a wide range of people as her guests and deep dives into powerful conversations with each of them. She is an excellent listener and I really love her thoughtful responses that she reflects back to what people say. She brings so much love and information to each podcast and is so generous with her gift of knowledge and she shares that so beautifully and freely with us in the podcast.

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